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Chiropractic care originated in Davenport, Iowa, over a century ago, pioneered by DD Palmer, a “magnetic healer” at that time. In 1895, Palmer encountered Harvey Lillard, a black janitor working in his building, who was nearly deaf. Lillard explained that his hearing loss began 17 years earlier after a sudden “pop” in his neck or upper back while bending over.

Upon examining Lillard, Palmer noticed a misaligned vertebra and hypothesized that this misalignment might be linked to Lillard’s hearing loss. Leveraging his anatomy knowledge, Palmer adjusted the vertebra, which astonishingly resulted in a significant improvement in Lillard’s hearing. This experience led Palmer to focus his practice on correcting spinal misalignments, laying the groundwork for the chiropractic field.

This seminal event marked the birth of chiropractic care, and within two years, Palmer founded the first chiropractic school in Davenport. His son, BJ Palmer, succeeded him and played a crucial role in expanding and advancing the profession, establishing chiropractic as a recognized healthcare practice.

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