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As a professional I have stressed better health through diet, exercise and Chiropractic care. Just as regular adjustments are vital to helping balance our spine and free up neural interference, exercise can help improve our circulation and tone our often times neglected muscular system.

Last April I joined a gym because I wanted to improve my health. I found a location that was convenient, had the desired equipment I wanted and best of all did not require a multi-year membership. As a matter of fact, no contract was required; you pay if you use the gym each month. This is great if you need to take some time out for vacation.

I wanted to get back into running shape. In my twenties I had been bit by the running bug. I enjoyed running races and liked the endorphin-enkephalin release that came when i pushed my body during workouts. I needed a convenient time and found that lunchtime suited my schedule best. I still had the energy needed to run this time of day and it didn’t interfere with work or family time. I also wanted to stay out of the noontime sun, when the sun is at its hottest point. I started using a treadmill and found that I could set a pace and keep to it. There is one major disadvantage of running on a treadmill, and this is the monotony that can develop. I get around this by changing my pace and running different distances. I use the theory of light days of running and then heavier training days. This allows my body an opportunity to recover in between.

Some of the benefits that I enjoy from running include physical and mental changes such as:

  • better cardiovascular function
  • decreased body fat with associated decreased LDLs
  • stress reduction
  • increased flexibility and endurance
  • improved posture

While I enjoyed running, I did not realize that weight training would have as big of an effect on me as running has. Weight training has some of the same effects as running. Improved strength with lifting also helps my running. i alternate between these two activities and find that running one day and weight lifting the next work well. I also don’t like to spend more than one hour of working out each day. I can get my workout completed , get a shower and return back to the office within ninety minutes. Weight training is not just for the young, it can benefits as we mature. We can continue to maintain full range of motion throughout our lives. using proper weight will promote better joint integrity through repeated stresses on the joints. Physiology, stress is needed by the joint capsules, ligaments and muscles to remain healthy. More older Americans are using weights these days than ever before. Weight lifting can be as effective as walking when done properly.

The next time you consider knee to chest exercises for your patients, remember in the sub acute stage that weight lifting may also be beneficial. After I (Dr. Byrne) examine you, I may I encourage you as a patient to become involved in your recovery. Exercise will do this.

Steven E. Byrne, D.C., M.S.

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